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Leadership on the Softball Field

October 1, 2008 | Featured in the October 2008 Issue

When thinking about skills and talents for the softball field, the obvious ones come to mind: hitting, throwing and catching. One that is often overlooked—but not by coaches—is the leadership necessary for all the players to perform great.

Ace U.S. pitcher and former Texas Longhorn Cat Osterman knows how important leadership can be. “Leadership is huge,” Osterman says. “Each team needs to have one, two, maybe three people that they can look to and know that when in doubt they’re going to try and pick it up."

Whether emotionally talking to teammates, encouraging and rallying the team together, or leading by example, great leaders show many of the same qualities on the softball field.

The most important aspect for Osterman: “Leaders have to be stable.” They keep it cool when a problem occurs and never show negativity toward teammates, opposing players, or—when facing a blown call—toward an umpire.

Having a cool head on your shoulders and being able to inspire and lead are traits that college softball coaches take very seriously. They’re also winning characteristics that employers look for when you’re out in real world.

Matt Siracusa
Matt Siracusa
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