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Box Squatting With Utah Football

March 1, 2009 | Featured in the March 2009 Issue

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BCS busting is nothing new for the University of Utah football team, which crashed the party again this year. The Utes beat Alabama 31-17 in the Allstate Sugar Bowl to go 13-0, posting the nation’s only perfect record.

According to Doug Elisaia, Utah’s director of strength and conditioning, the players actually increase their strength as the season progresses. “Using the Box Squat,” he says, “95 to 98 percent of our players have actually gotten stronger during the season.”

Whether you’re looking to bust up the national rankings or just bust into your team’s starting lineup, Elisaia’s Box Squat tips will get you started.

• Pick a box height that puts you at parallel in squat position
• Hold arch in back and squeeze shoulder blades firmly
• As you begin your decline, get hips back before bending knees
• Shift your hips and knees back; sit back on the box
• Pause on the box in static position
• Keep chin level, chest up and core tight as you explode up
• Perform exercises such as Reverse Hypers, Back Extensions and Good Mornings before attempting to squat heavy weight

• Start Box Squats until the third or fourth week of the season
• Use more weight than your back can handle
• Just sit down on box
• Rush the movement
• Rest longer than 3:1

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