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Straighten Out Posture Issues With Minnesota Swimming

December 1, 2009 | Featured in the December, 2009 Issue

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A swimmer’s shoulder flexibility increases naturally through the constant movement and repetition of the stroke. And as long as a swimmer is swimming with correct stroke technique, shoulder flexibility should not be an issue.

However, swimmers new to strength training need to perform flexibility work that prevents stiffness, especially across the chest and in the shoulders. Otherwise, they may change their technique because of loss of flexibility due to connective tissue stiffness.

One- to three-minute isometric holds are a great way to improve flexibility and deal with posture issues. They will stretch out and reset the nervous system to its general relaxed state.

Push-Up With Isometric Hold
• Set up two six-inch boxes shoulderwidth apart
• Assume Push-Up position with one hand on each box
• Descend into deep position as far as range of motion will allow
• Hold 2 to 3 minutes

One thing we do to address problems with posture is stretch the spine through a very effective inversion method using the Back Hyper machine. This method is extremely effective for getting fluid back to the spine and getting the spasm out of the muscles that protect the spine.

Glute/Ham Hang
• Assume position on Back Hyper machine with feet locked in place
• Lower upper body over edge of machine to form 90-degree angle
• Relax body allowing spine to elongate
• Hold 2 to 3 minutes

Focus on relaxing your tongue. This was a method used by Buddhist monks to reach their highest level of meditation. If your tongue is relaxed, that means the other muscles in your body are also relaxing.

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