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Beat the Heat Before the Heat Beats You

July 23, 2010

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It’s nearly 90 degrees in Cleveland, and we haven’t yet reached the Dog Days of summer. Coupled with the heat is an uncomfortable level of humidity, which means: better think twice before heading outside for an afternoon run.

Even if you're not in CLE, the advice is still the same: Rise and run early to beat the heat before the heat beats you.

Nike Running’s Coach Jay says that even if you don’t mind hot temps, your body does. When you work out in scorching weather, you sweat more, and when you sweat more, you lose more iron—a key mineral that carries oxygen throughout your body, which is especially important to runners.

If you’ve got running on your summer workout schedule, consider pounding the pavement in the early a.m., before sweltering weather gets the best of your body.

For more running advice, check out Coach Jay’s Tip of the Week.

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Sarah Gearhart
Sarah Gearhart
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