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Cheers to Bump Your Team to a Win

August 25, 2010

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Duke Volleyball Arm Swings With Dumbbells

Teammate support is essential in any sporting competition. If you and your teammates aren't mentally ready for the challenge at hand, odds are your opponent will spike your performance down. Breaking out in a pre-game chant is one way to get your team fired up, but how about cheering through an entire game? Take a cue from competitive volleyballers—these athletes cheer for their teammates throughout every set., a site dedicated to everything v-ball, has compiled some of the better known chants, along with a few unique ones, and they are guaranteed to pump up any team.

Feel free to swap out the old "S-i, s-i-d, s-i-d-e-o-u-t, sideout (clap clap) (team name)" with STACK's top five chants from the site:

5.) Uno, dos, tres, ACE! Go (team name)!
(Nice bilingual rhyming going on.)

4.) Bump, set, hit, spike / That's the way we like to fight!
(Simple, yet meaningful.)

3.) After a successful block, the blocker yells  "BRICK," and the rest of the team goes "WALL."
(A cheer that gets right to the point.)


2.) We're fired up, we're sizzlin' / We're turnin' up the heat / Cause when it comes to volleyball / We just can't be beat!
(Catchy beat to this cheer.)

1.) We will, we will, rock you down / Shake you up, like a volcano about to erupt / Mighty, mighty (team name) here to stay / We'll rock you all night and rock you all day! / Whoa, go (team name)!
(Anything that starts off with Queen lyrics is awesome.)

For more chants and cheers to share with your team, visit the list at



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