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NHL 2K11: For Wii Users Only

August 31, 2010

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2K Sports released their latest puckhead-inspired video game, NHL 2K11, exclusively for the Nintendo Wii last week. This left gamers asking one question: Why the Wii only? The answer was simple: one development team, one console, one focus—to create a better hockey simulation game than last year's version.

By focusing on just one product, 2K developers created a hockey simulator to rival any competitor’s skate game. "Having only one console to work on, this allowed (the development team) to push the system as far as they can," says Mike Rhinehart, senior marketing manager for 2K Sports. “It’s really one of those things you have to feel and play it for yourself. It’s an experience that can only be delivered on the Wii.”

Some gamers may scoff at a game made just for the Wii, thinking that the console is geared to a younger audience. But that’s not the case with NHL 2K11. The gameplay is as real as it gets in terms of stick handling and shooting with the Wii remote. Your hand and wrist movements dictate the on-ice action of your player's stick. “Anything you can do on the ice as a player, you can do in this game,” says L.A. Kings' defenseman Jack Johnson.

From the look of the game, 2K worked hard to develop a realistic-looking gameplay experience. Rhinehart says, "The graphics have been totally improved this year. Player models, faces, animations, arenas, lighting, on-ice reflections—it’s all better than last year's game."

NHL 2K11 is all about giving fans a real hockey game in the palms of their hands. To get the full lowdown, head to NHL 2K11’s official site, and check out this head-banging game trailer:

Photo:  2K Games

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Matt Siracusa
Matt Siracusa
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