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Serving Up the Right Portions

September 8, 2010

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A tennis ball serves up value beyond the court. Its size is actually the true serving amount for a cup of rice, cereal, pasta and (hate to break it to you) even ice cream. (Check out for 12 serving size breakdowns.)

Although athletes require and expend a lot of calories, portion control still matters, especially if you’re focused on body composition goals, like increasing muscle mass. Notre Dame’s sports dietitian Erika Whitman explains that when you exceed serving sizes, you throw off the overall balance of your total daily consumption, giving yourself less room to include other nutrients and foods that your body needs (e.g., lean proteins, fruits and vegetables) to achieve those body composition goals. (Whitman shares more advice for plating proper portions here.)

Food for thought the next time you’ve got a ravenous appetite.



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Sarah Gearhart
Sarah Gearhart
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