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Fill Up on Fiber (But Not Before Competition)

September 13, 2010

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Fiber plays an important role in an athlete’s diet. Not only does it satiate your appetite by slowing the digestive process, it also keeps your GI tract on track.

While the nutrient is necessary in a sports diet, it’s one you want to avoid close to training time—or else you could experience stomach woes. New York Jets sports nutritionist Wendy Meyer Sterling suggests limiting your intake to six grams prior to a workout. Higher amounts prevent your body from using carbs effectively.

Sports nutritionist Bob Seebohar, owner of, also suggests tapering high-fiber intake two to three days before a competition. That includes fruits, veggies and whole-grains. After competition, fill up, but do so gradually. And when incorporating fiber back into your diet, Seebohar advises drinking more water so your body can adjust properly.

Your body—and your game—will thank you.

Sarah Gearhart
Sarah Gearhart
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