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Reduce the Burn With PowerBar's High Intensity Supplement

September 27, 2010

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PowerBar’s mission is based on a passion for sports, health and fitness, and a commitment to helping athletes reach their goals "by providing convenient nutritional products." That mission is exemplified in the company’s latest dietary supplement: PowerBar High Intensity Sustained Release Beta Alanine.

The product was recently promoted at Interbike’s Outdoor Demo in Boulder City, Nev., where STACK had the opportunity to catch up with PowerBar cyclist Craig Lewis, the U.S. National road and criterium champ and winner of the Tour de l'Avenir. Craig participated in lactate threshold testing and gave us his take on PowerBar High Intensity. (Be on the lookout for the video on STACK TV.)

If you’re unfamiliar with beta-alanine, scope out the 411 and research surrounding it (here’s a helpful breakdown); you’ll find it provides an interesting performance benefit. Beta-alanine is an amino acid found in your body in small amounts. It's not used to make proteins, so there isn't much of it. Research reveals that beta-alanine can buffer lactic acid buildup and reduce oxidative stress brought on by intense workouts. Ultimately, this means that the burning sensation in your muscles when you’re getting after it in the weight room or on the field is neutralized, so you can sustain intensity without feeling such fatigue.

PowerBar’s High Intensity Sustained Release Beta Alanine dietary supplement aims to deliver an even supply of the amino acid to your muscles. For use by endurance and strength athletes to support high-intensity training, the supplement takes between four to eight weeks to efficiently work into your system. You take two tablets twice a day for four weeks, then decrease to two tablets once a day. The label carries the NSF-certified seal, indicating that the product was thoroughly tested to ensure that substances such as steroids, narcotics, stimulants and diuretics are not included. (Read more about the NSF-certified seal.)

PowerBar’s High Intensity is available online for $40 per bottle.

Photos: top, Sarah Gearhart; bottom,

Sarah Gearhart
Sarah Gearhart
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