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Team Bonding: Get Scared (Or Get Silly) With Your Crew

October 28, 2010

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Halloween is a time for fun costumes, trick or treating, and bobbing for apples—if you're in grade school.

Once you're in high school and beyond, however, the same old Halloween routine gets boring, not to mention creepy. (A pack of 16-year-olds running house to house for candy is just plain goofy.) To keep the holiday spirit alive while hanging with your crew, head to a haunted house and bond together by screaming like little kids.

Haunted houses are great for any team looking to unwind after a long week of practices and games. You’ll learn more about your teammates. Who are the real leaders? Who are the biggest scaredy cats? Face your fears as a unit and leave no member behind.

The Los Angeles Kings are taking it a step further by hosting their own haunted house. Following their game against the New Jerseys Devils on Oct. 30, the Staples Center will morph from a hockey rink into one of the world's largest haunted houses. OK, maybe it's not the most frightening attraction in town. But the idea is to get the entire organization—players, mascots, cheerleaders and the front office—involved and to give back to the community. (Not a bad idea to raise money for your team next year, either.)

Whether the haunted house scares you witless or strikes you funny, you'll be able to share some screams and laughs together as a group. For a real bonus, convince your coaches to come along. Seeing the guy who drives you hard every day cringe like a little girl would be a memory of a lifetime.

For a list of haunted houses in your area, check out It breaks down the top attractions in your state and provides maps and locations.


Matt Siracusa
Matt Siracusa
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