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Dwyane Wade Gets His Legs Strong to Run Faster and Prevent Injuries

November 21, 2010

When Dwyane Wade hits the weight room after his on-court work, his very first exercise targets the hamstrings. “Any time we are doing leg movements, we start in the prone position with some sort of hamstring work,” says Tim Grover, Dwyane’s off-season trainer and former strength coach for Michael Jordan. “That is part of my philosophy, going back to the MJ days; and I have found that it’s extremely beneficial for any type of athlete, from an injury-prevention standpoint.”

Dwyane performs a single-leg variation of the exercise to ensure strength balance with each leg. He focuses on contracting his hamstring explosively to simulate the nature of the contractions that take place when he is sprinting on the court.

Start your lifting session by supersetting this exercise with Dwyane’s Power Plate Glute Bridge to improve strength and stay in the game.

Check out Dwyane’s entire workout here.

Alternate Single-Leg Hamstring Curl
• Lie face down on hamstring curl machine
• Explosively contract hamstring to bring one heel to butt
• Lower weight with control until leg is straight
• Perform with opposite leg; continue in alternating fashion for specified reps

Sets/Reps: 2-3x10-15 each leg
Coaching Points: Control movement // Do not use hips to move weight // Get full range of motion—from straight leg to heel at butt

Josh Staph
- Josh Staph is the Senior Vice President, Content at STACK Media and joined the company shortly after it was founded in 2005. He graduated from...
Josh Staph
- Josh Staph is the Senior Vice President, Content at STACK Media and joined the company shortly after it was founded in 2005. He graduated from...
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