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Wilson A2K Brandon Phillips Gameday Glove

January 25, 2011

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If you're shopping around for a new glove for the upcoming baseball season, Wilson has you covered. Their new A2K Brandon Phillips Gameday Glove is one of the highest quality mitts the brand has to offer, featuring a Dual-Welting finger pocket and an ultra-breathable Dri-Lex wrist lining.

Last year, Phillips, the Cincinnati Reds second baseman, proved he's one of league's best, earning a spot on the 2010 All-Star roster and his second Gold Glove. He also helped the Reds clinch a National League title and their first trip to the post-season since 1995.

For All-Star hands like Phillips, check out the Wilson A2K Brandon Phillips Gameday Glove, available now on eastbay.com.

Source:  eastbay.com

Zosimo Maximo
- Zosimo Maximo is Vice President of Content at STACK Media and a video production specialist. He received an MFA in film and television from the...
Zosimo Maximo
- Zosimo Maximo is Vice President of Content at STACK Media and a video production specialist. He received an MFA in film and television from the...
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