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NFL Prospect Quinton Carter's SOUL Mentality

March 31, 2011

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Quinton Carter, former All-American safety at the University of Oklahoma, has been training for the 2011 NFL Draft with Fitness Quest's founder, renowned trainer and STACK expert Todd Durkin. However, this is not the first time Carter has primed his body and mind for the next level.

Carter has carefully considered his own potential—not solely for what he can accomplish on the field, but also for opportunities to give back, which will undoubtedly multiply when he reaches NFL status.

During Carter's sophomore year as a Sooner, he established the SOUL Foundation in his hometown of Las Vegas, and he plans to expand the foundation in whatever city he ends up in after the Draft. SOUL stands for Serving Others through Unity and Leadership—which sounds like a great set of core values for his future NFL team.

Throughout college, Carter volunteered at the local KinderCare in Norman, Okla., describing his time there with the kids as "an escape from football and academia." But the mission of SOUL—to provide communities with opportunities and the skills to maximize their potential and build the 'total person'"—suggests that volunteering is already an essential part of who he is.

"I realized tomorrow isn't promised to anyone, so I just thought 'why wait?,'" says Carter.

For more on SOUL, visit or connect via Facebook.

Source:, UndergroundWellness

Maddy Lucier
- As an associate editor for STACK, Maddy creates lifestyle, social media, gear and nutrition content for our audience of athletes. She played volleyball and basketball...
Maddy Lucier
- As an associate editor for STACK, Maddy creates lifestyle, social media, gear and nutrition content for our audience of athletes. She played volleyball and basketball...
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