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Misty May-Treanor’s Conditioning Secret: Hill Sprints

September 7, 2011

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Want to be like two-time Olympic gold medalist Misty May-Treanor [above right]? Build up your leg strength. She encourages young volleyball players to build leg strength and work on their conditioning.

“Core strength and strong legs are very important … My jump has to be the same at the end of  the tournament as it is at the beginning," says May-Treanor.

Building strong legs for those late-in-the-game jumps can be achieved with standard weight room exercises, such as Squats, Cleans and Box Jumps. But one exercise that really challenges leg strength and conditioning is Hill Sprints. “Hill Sprints are great,” says May-Treanor. "Sprinting up a hill works your entire lower body. The incline forces your legs to work harder than they do to simply run."

Hill Sprints help improve conditioning, because continuously climbing the hill requires a great deal of energy and endurance.

Having strong, conditioned legs is critical in volleyball. May-Treanor even suggests working out with the track team. “I would recommend any volleyball player—even if you do not want to participate on the track team—work out with them. Work out with the jumpers and the sprinters.” Focusing on leg strength as well as a conditioned body will help you to stay competitive late in games.

Perform four to eight Hill Sprints at the end of your workout. Sprint for 15 to 20 yards up hill and walk down for rest. Add a fun challenge by racing up the hill against a teammate.

For more advice on volleyball workouts and training, head over to STACK TV.

Photo:  mistymaytreanor.fansiter.com

- Michael Popelas is a guest writer from The Ohio State University where he majors in strategic communications. A Cleveland native, Popelas is a passionate and...
- Michael Popelas is a guest writer from The Ohio State University where he majors in strategic communications. A Cleveland native, Popelas is a passionate and...
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