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Fast-Paced Action Reigns in League of Legends: Dominion

October 1, 2011 | Erich Schultheiss

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League of Legends, the flagship production of Riot Games, has just introduced a new gaming mode called League of Legends: Dominion, which is sure to stir the pot once again.

League of Legends is an innovative game spawned from a Warcraft III mode known as DotA (Defense of the Ancients). The game blends RPG, action and strategy to create an intense and addicting style of play. Dominion is a new game mode that introduces the Crystal Scar, a map featuring capture-and-hold style gameplay as part of the experience.

The original game mode pits players against each other in an arena called Summoner's Rift. Teams consist of five completely separate and unique champions (Riot has since developed a whopping 79 of these). To win, you must destroy an opposing team's Nexus while defending your own.  The game's brilliance is in its subtlety—it starts out slowly, but as certain strategic moves are made, it shifts to all-out battle among the 10 champions in the arena.

League of Legends Dominion Gameplay

Since its inception in October 2009, League has grown dramatically, now boasting 15 million subscribers, which rivals the juggernaut that is World of Warcraft. One common criticism in the past concerned the slow pace of action. Players were very cautious about their strategies, because a single blunder could turn the match. Thankfully, League of Legends: Dominion is set up to involve less thinking, resulting in much faster gameplay. The average length of the game is 20 minutes or less, and the action is constant.

The initial reaction to League of Legends: Dominion has been extremely positive. For players who found previous versions too slow, this is a breath of fresh air. The champions level up faster and gain items at a more rapid pace; plus, there are constant scuffles throughout the map. It's fast-paced fun, and it offers a new take on the MMO Arena style of play.


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