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Reaction Drills Go Sci-Fi

November 20, 2011

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As any football player knows, the difference between a touchdown catch and a dropped ball is often a split-second lapse of concentration. Baseball players facing 95 m.p.h. fastballs have even less time to make a decision. For years, coaches have been inventing workouts to help their athletes improve reaction time. This week, Nike took reaction-time drills to the next level by introducing SPARQ Sensory Performance.

According to our friends at, SPARQ Sensory Performance is a comprehensive package comprising the SPARQ Sensory Training Station and Vapor Strobe Eyewear. After completing an assessment at the Sensory Training Station, athletes will be able to customize drills with the Vapor Strobe Eyewear to start improving reaction times for their sport.

Nike SPARQ Sensory Training Station
Testing all aspects of an athlete’s reflexes and concentration, the Training Station, after the initial assessment, can tell athletes where their training time will best be spent. Throughout their custom training programs, athletes will wear the Vapor Strobe Eyewear while completing the Sensory Training Station’s modules to improve balance, concentration and reaction times.

Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe Eyewear
These futuristic glasses feature an adjustable strobe that blocks and unblocks an athlete’s vision. The slower the strobe, the less an athlete can see and the more difficult the drill. When worn during sport-specific drills and Sensory Training Station sessions, Vapor Strobe Eyewear forces athletes to concentrate more. It's much harder to catch a ball when you only catch glimpses of its flight. Since athletes are given only limited visual information, their brains must work extra hard to process every bit of information. Many athletes who train with the eyewear find the game “slows down” when they take the glasses off.

The future is here. Top collegiate and professional programs have already purchased SPARQ Sensory Training Stations, and a full global rollout is underway. Vapor Strobe Eyewear is available at select retailers and online for $300. Watch a video of SPARQ Sensory Performance in use below.

Zosimo Maximo
- Zosimo Maximo is Vice President of Content at STACK Media and a video production specialist. He received an MFA in film and television from the...
Zosimo Maximo
- Zosimo Maximo is Vice President of Content at STACK Media and a video production specialist. He received an MFA in film and television from the...
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