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Hit The Track to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

June 13, 2012

Many athletes attempt to build muscle and burn fat by running, without really understanding how to accomplish these goals. Before you lace up your training shoes, learn how to run to build muscle and burn fat.

Many people believe that long, slow runs burn the most calories, but studies have shown the exact opposite to be true. Evidence suggests that long runs may actually cause the body to store fat. Since the body doesn’t know when you plan to stop, it can switch into survival mode and start hoarding calories.

So how should athletes run to build muscle and burn fat? Your best option is sprint training, which burns more body fat while increasing muscle size through the type two muscle fibers. Even marathon runners can benefit from adding forms of sprint training to their workouts.

See results quicker by trying the following workout at your local track. Rest twice as long as it takes you to run the sprints. For example, if a 400-meter sprint takes you one minute, rest two minutes before your next sprint.

Beginning Sprint Workout

1. One 800-meter run (2 laps)
2. Two 400s (1 lap)
3. Four 200s (straightaway and the curve)
4. Six 100s (straightaway)

To build muscle and burn fat, mix up your sprint training with other short, high-intensity workouts.

Joe Lopez
- Joe Lopez, CSCS, works with many different athletes at Pope John XXIII Regional High School in Sparta, N.J. His expertise is in track & field,...
Joe Lopez
- Joe Lopez, CSCS, works with many different athletes at Pope John XXIII Regional High School in Sparta, N.J. His expertise is in track & field,...
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