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Get Stronger and Faster With STACK's Summer Training Guide

June 16, 2012

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In the Summer 2012 issue of STACK Magazine, we feature workout plans built by some of the best strength coaches in sports. If you play basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, soccer or run track, you'll want to check out the info on how to eat, train, and prepare to make your goals a reality this summer.

To get the full workout programs, simply visit the STACK Performance Center. Once you log in, you'll find tons of workout programs, searchable  by sport. You'll also find a thriving community of experts and other athletes so you can get answers to your questions.

Want to learn about the experts? Here's a quick look at the contributors to STACK's 5th Annual Summer Training Guide:

Bill Foran


Program Built by: Bill Foran, Miami Heat assistant coach/strength and conditioning. Foran has been on the Heat staff since the club's inception in 1988, and he works closely with their star players to maximize their athletic ability. Learn more at


Program Built by: Javair Gillett, CSCS, Detroit Tigers head strength and conditioning coach. Gillet's program will help increase athleticism and prevent injury during the season. Learn how to counter muscle imbalances while getting ready for the diamond. Learn more at

Joe ConollyAurmon StachellFootball

Program Built by: Joe Connolly, director of strength and conditioning, South Carolina football, and Aurmon Satchell, assistant strength coach, South Carolina football. Both men work with Steve Spurrier's team at The University of South Carolina, a powerhouse in the SEC. You'll build block-shedding strength with this program.


Dawn ScottSoccer

Program Inspired by: Dawn Scott, Fitness Coach for the U.S. Women's National Team. We adapt principles from workouts performed by the USWNT, one of the fittest in the world.

John HawksBryan McCallVolleyball

Program Built by: Bryan McCall, CSCS, Director of the Michael Johnson Performance Training Center at SPIRE Institute, and John Hawks, director and head volleyball coach at SPIRE and former head coach of the U.S. Men’s Junior National Team. Learn more at


Brandon Johnson

Program Built by: Brandon Johnson, an elite performance strength and conditioning coach, who has worked with USATF Champions, Olympians and athletes in the NFL, NBA and MLB. He has built a full, eight-week workout program for track athletes. Learn more at and The issue also features a sample of the training program used by Tyson Gay in preparation for the Summer Olympics.

Find your full eight-week workout program on the STACK Performance Center, and keep checking back with STACK all summer for more ways to get stronger and faster.

Want to become an expert like the ones featured here? It's easier than you think.

Brandon Guarneri
- Brandon Guarneri served as a Content Director for STACK Media. He oversaw production for STACK Magazine and created video content with athletes and brands for...
Brandon Guarneri
- Brandon Guarneri served as a Content Director for STACK Media. He oversaw production for STACK Magazine and created video content with athletes and brands for...
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