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Protect Yourself With Battle Sports Science Gear

July 11, 2012 | Katherine Domena

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Both athletes and their parents are aware of the inherent health risks of sports participation. Even with onsite trainers, involved parents and smart game-time decisions, accidents do happen. Reduce the repercussions from an accident with innovative technology from Battle Sports Science. A company specializing in sports safety equipment, Battle Sports Science helps protect the lives of athletes by creating some of the safest sports gear on the market.

Impact Indicator

One of the smartest sports safety products on the market, the Impact Indicator chinstrap measures the force and duration of a hit to a player's helmet. This technology allows for trainers and coaches to instantly determine if a player has sustained an impact strong enough to cause a concussion. Once trainers assess the force of a hit, they can alert the coaching staff of a potentially serious head injury and prevent further damage by providing immediate medical treatment.  This "second pair of eyes" is available at Dick's Sporting Goods for $149.99.

Battle Helmet

This advanced baseball helmet improves the safety of any batter stepping into the box. Made from the same material as bulletproof glass, the Battle Helmet is a dramatic step up from traditional batting helmets. The internal padding is made from the same material used in United States Marine combat gear. This helmet will help keep batters comfortable and safe, giving them the courage to dig in and improve their batting averages.

Pick up an Impact Indicator or a Battle Helmet to help prevent serious sports-related head injury.

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