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Non-Traditional Training Equipment, Part 2: The Workout

August 1, 2012

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Non-traditional workouts are a great way to increase strength, power and endurance, while also adding a new twist to your training. In Part 1 of this series, we discussed common pieces of non-traditional training equipment and how they improve performance. In Part 2, we provide two complete workouts that you can incorporate into your training program.

This two-day non-traditional program is split into upper and lower-body segments. Since you are using non-traditional implements, each exercise mirrors athletic movements and will translate to improved performance on the field.

This program can complement a traditional off-season weight-training routine by replacing an upper- and lower-body workout. Or, you can solely perform the non-traditional workouts by repeating them twice a week. Since these workouts will fatigue your body, it's essential to rest for one day between workouts.

Workout Guidelines

  • Start with only the weight of the cart. As your strength improves, have a partner sit or stand on the cart.
  • Start with only the weight of the sled. Add plates as you increase strength.
  • Adjust the time of the sledgehammer and rope exercises to increase the challenge
  • If you have access to different tires, adjust the size as you increase strength. If you only have one tire, simply increase reps or time.
  • Start with two sets of each exercise.

Upper-Body Workout

  • Dynamic Warm-Up
  • Cart Low Row: 2-3x5
  • Single-Arm Sled Row: 2-3x10 each arm
  • Sled Chest Press: 2-3x10
  • Sled Front Raise: 2-3x10
  • Sled Triceps Press: 2-3x10
  • Sled Bicep Curls: 2-3x10
  • Sledgehammer Slams: 2x25-30 seconds both sides
  • Sled Twists: 2-3x10 each side
  • Sled Crunches: 2-3x10
  • Ropes: 2x25-30 seconds each version
    • Two Arms Together
    • Two Arms Alternating
    • Two Arms Cross
    • Single-Arm Right
    • Single-Arm Left

Lower-Body Workout

  • Dynamic Warm-Up
  • Cart Push: 2-3x30 yards
  • Cart Pulls: 2-3x30 yards
  • Uphill Sled Push: 2-3x30 yards
  • Uphill Sled Pull: 2-3x30 yards
  • Single Tire Flips: 2-3x5
  • Triple Tire Flips: 2-3x3 (one rep is three flips)
  • Sled Plank Pulls: 2-3xlength of rope, each side

For an intense conditioning circuit with non-traditional workout equipment, check out Herschel Walker's MMA workout.

Phillip Wilke
- Phillip Wilke has a Master's degree in Fitness and Human Performance from the University of Houston—Clear Lake. He is also a certified strength and conditioning...
Phillip Wilke
- Phillip Wilke has a Master's degree in Fitness and Human Performance from the University of Houston—Clear Lake. He is also a certified strength and conditioning...
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