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Fast Food and Student-Athletes

September 27, 2012 | Tyler Lacoma

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Nutrition is extremely important for young student-athletes. However, the convenience of fast food restaurants makes them extremely appealing to parents picking up their hungry children after a long, rigorous practice. This season, parents and students should work together to break the fast food habit. You'll stay full longer and get healthier.

The Journal of Nutrition reports that the post-practice fast food frenzy has serious health implications. The dangers of habitual consumption of fat, sugar and cheap carbs—pizza, burgers, greasy tacos, ice cream and doughnuts—warrant serious concern. In addition, fast food delivers unfulfilling calories, leads to overeating and eventually causes unwanted weight gain.

(If you are short on cash, check out: Eating Healthy on a Budget: Tips for Student-Athletes.)

No one disputes the delicious salty flavors of fast food snacks; however, they should not be used as post-workout recovery food. Athletes should be consuming healthy fats and proteins from fresh sources like avocados and almonds—nutrients that will help them recover faster. Or substitute fresh fruits and veggies, great sources of healthy sugars and antioxidants.

This season, parents and student-athletes should work together to avoid fast food joints, and treat their bodies right with nutritious post-workout meals.

For additional information on recovery fueling, head to STACK's Post Workout Nutrition Guide.

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