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Build Muscle Quicker With a Hybrid Workout

October 5, 2012 | Danavir Sarria

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In the world of fitness, the problem with building muscle is trainers who want you to believe their methods are superior. Truthfully, this is a trap, because every approach to training can get results when used and applied effectively. The way to get results fast is to take the best of each method to create a new "hybrid" style of training. (See why this training is so beneficial.)

Combining multiple styles into one hybrid workout to get better results is easy—if you understand the two major factors of muscle building: intensity and volume.


This is the amount of weight you use. It's obvious that if you use heavy weights, your muscles have to grow to adapt to the stress. This is why it's extremely hard to find a man who can squat 300-400 pounds, but still has skinny legs.


Also known as frequency, volume is the amount of times you do the exercises. This includes everything from a single rep to total time under tension. Bodybuilders are experts in volume-based training. They build huge amounts of muscle without having to go as heavy as a power lifter or Olympic lifter. This shows that volume is a key component to building muscle quickly.

Building muscle quickly is possible by focusing on heavy weights or higher volume, essentially the best of both worlds. Training with only heavy weights leads to increases in strength, but it takes time to build muscle. Training with only high levels of volume builds muscle, but does not increase strength. If you combine them, it is possible both to increase strength and build muscle. This way, you will be more conditioned than ever before. (Check out STACK'S Muscle Guide.)

Hybrid Workout For Maximum Strength And Muscle


  • Deadlift - 3x4, 90 seconds of rest in between
  • Chin-Up - 3x6, 90 seconds of rest in between


Strongman Finisher

* When you click on this link, the video is for the Bulgarian Split Squat. The expert recommends using a kettlebell for resistance. For a Goblet Grip, hold the horns of the handle so the bell points down at the floor.


Danavir Sarria
- Danavir Sarria is a trainer and martial artist from Miami, who writes frequently at As a trainer, he specializes in athletic preparation for combat...
Danavir Sarria
- Danavir Sarria is a trainer and martial artist from Miami, who writes frequently at As a trainer, he specializes in athletic preparation for combat...
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