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How Wrestlers Can Get Strong

October 6, 2012 | Danavir Sarria

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The biggest factor in winning a wrestling match is strength. Strength is wrestling's most important attribute because the stronger you are as an athlete, the easier it is for you to perform movements. For instance, you can throw weaker opponents like rag dolls without breaking a sweat. (How to develop basic strength for the mat.)

To develop this all-important attribute, athletes must know about the different types of strength and how to develop smart strength workouts that will help them dominate on the mat.

Creating Strength Workouts For Wrestlers

To get stronger for wrestling, use reps in a range of three to five. This makes sure that strength, not muscle size, is the primary focus.

Volume is important to build muscle, but keep volume low and use heavy weights to gain strength without building unnecessary muscle.

What If a Wrestler Needs to Build More Muscle?

There are times, because of weight classes, when building muscle becomes the primary focus. When this is the case, use three to four sets of five to eight reps. This will not only build muscle, it will also increase strength. The higher in that range you go, the more potential for muscle building. The lower you go, the more apt you are to build strength.

Example Of A Pure Strength Workout

Example Of A Muscle Building Strength Workout

  • Deadlift - 3x6, 90-second rest in between
  • Pull-Ups - 4 x8
  • Lever Push-Ups - 4x6, 60-second rest in between
  • Hip Thrust - 3x8
  • Handstand Hold - 3x4-5, 60-second rest in between

Now that you have strength, use these exercises to maintain it.


Danavir Sarria
- Danavir Sarria is a trainer and martial artist from Miami, who writes frequently at As a trainer, he specializes in athletic preparation for combat...
Danavir Sarria
- Danavir Sarria is a trainer and martial artist from Miami, who writes frequently at As a trainer, he specializes in athletic preparation for combat...
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