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Ball Handling Drills For Point Guards

October 11, 2012 | Tim Springer

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Without a doubt, the point guard should always be the best ball handler on any team, and he or she should use their moves and dribbling skills to set up their teammates and make plays. (Bored with your current drills? After you give these a try, check out more to add to your repertoire.)

Important ball-handling skills needed by point guards include:

  • At least one go-to move and a counter move. Point guards who cannot penetrate and create shots for themselves and their teammates are less effective than those who can.
  • The ability to stop and go quickly. This is critical for various reasons; e.g., to get to the spot where they can score, or because a defender has engaged them and they need to alter their path to the basket.
  • An occupy dribble. There are times when a PG must be stationary while a play develops. The occupy dribble gives you space and time to orchestrate and make the play.
  • A great misdirection game. This means the ability to use dribble jabs and changes of direction to fake out the defense. The more a point guard uses misdirection, the harder he or she is to guard.
  • A retreat dribble. Not just for traps. Aggressive point guards must occasionally retreat out of help situations.
  • Passing off the dribble. A point guard's job is to create. The ability to pass off the dribble leads to more assists. You can see this watching great NBA point guards (like those pictured above) when they feed the post or hit a teammate on a sudden back door cut.

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