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4 Scientific Reasons Why Teens Should Work Out

October 14, 2012 | Tyler Lacoma

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Fitness is about more than boosting your performance and toning your body. In fact, recent scientific studies have revealed many more advantages of working out for young adults—and some will surprise you! So if you need some extra motivation this winter, below are some additional well-founded reasons to hit the gym. (Check out STACK's Workout Plan Guide.)

1. Boosts Immune System

Working out means better blood flow. But along with all that blood, you're also helping antibodies and other immune system fighters flow through your body faster. This means your body can ward off germs before they have a chance to make you sick. Avoid winter colds by sweating it out at the gym!

(Add these STACK Exercises to your workout.)

2. Clears Up Skin

Experts say training sessions clear up skin. Again, the secret is blood flow. When you're on the couch watching TV, your skin can dry out and stagnate. Conversely, when you're on the track or in the gym, faster circulation and perspiration give your skin necessary nutrients at a faster rate. Keep to your fitness schedule to give your skin a boost.

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3. Promotes Mental Focus

Teen workouts boost physical performance and grades. Staying physically fit improves mental focus, which can be applied to academics. Also, active students are more likely to have support groups with which to study. Finally, a workout regimen keeps you on the straight and narrow—and out of trouble.

4. Leads to Positive Disposition

Training sessions can improve your disposition by releasing endorphins. A long-term workout schedule can increase self-esteen and mitigate problems with depression.

So if you're a teen, do your body a favor and hit the gym this winter!

Photo: K. M. Cox

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