Be a Tougher Online Opponent

December 1, 2012 | Zach Farley | Featured in the Holiday 2012 Issue

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Gamers may be the best on their own couches, but online is where the top competition plays. After taking a few losses, people want to get better right away. While becoming a true sports gaming master takes time, you can get signifi cantly better very quickly. Here are three tips to get your game on the rise and set yourself up to succeed in the long run.

Play the Best

Whether in online ranked matches, league play or playing for cash in the EA Sports Arena, you need to start playing the best. That means opponents ranked higher than you. You may get slaughtered, but with each loss comes knowledge of what you could have done better. Top players consistently use the teams that are highly ranked. When you play weak competition, you can get away with things you would never be able to do against the best. You will improve every minute you spend in a ranked game with a top opponent, even if the scoreboard doesn’t show it right away.

Use Elite Teams

Just because you’re from St. Louis doesn’t mean you are forced to use the Rams in Madden NFL 13. Each year a handful of teams rise to the top. No matter what game you play, elite teams will give you the best chance of winning. You could use a lower-quality team and try to prove a point online, but why use a team that gives you less of a chance at victory? Do you want to win, or do you want to prove something? I want to win, and I will always use the team that gives me the best chance. Don’t be foolish. Stick to the top tier.

Talking About Practice, Man

Yes, it’s a video game, and yes, you have to work to be successful online. I hate it when someone goes “rogue.” This means they call a random play, one they have never practiced, and expect great things. Your timing won’t be right, you won’t know what your secondary reads are, and you most definitely won’t have your pass protection down. Learn the value of practice modes. FIFA has tons of new skill games to try out. You should always be ready to capitalize on clutch situations, no matter what game is in your console.





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