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Improve Your Basketball Game With the TRX Rip Trainer

December 5, 2012 | Pete Holman

Basketball players are fast, explosive athletes–which is why so many can dunk the ball effortlessly, or quickly weave through defenders and drive to the net. The downside? Players can hurt themselves in the process. All of that jumping and changing direction takes a toll on the body.

Traditional weight room workouts can make you stronger, but they don’t necessarily make you more durable. That’s why the TRX Rip Trainer is an excellent piece of equipment to have in your training toolbox as a basketball player. Rip Trainer exercises can mirror the way your body moves on the court, making you more able to handle the demands of practices and games.

By placing an uneven load on one side of your body, the Rip Trainer adds a core strength and stability component to the moves, which can help you be stronger and more balanced on the hardwood. The added core strength makes you less likely to sustain injuries that can occur from getting knocked around, losing your balance or general wear and tear.

Perform the three Rip Trainer exercises below two to three times each week to become a better and more durable basketball player, and check out the TRX Rip Trainer hockey workout for even more exercises.

Rip Lateral Step Row

This move helps you develop a low, wide base of support and core strength that’s essential for establishing your position in the paint. The Rip Trainer’s unbalanced load forces you to work on balance and stability, so opponents can't knock you off the ball or out of position. To increase the challenge, step further away from the anchor or increase cadence between reps.

Sets/Reps: 2-3x10-15 each side


TRX Rip Lateral Step Row

Rip Rebounder

Basketball is a game of rebounds and jump shots, so your ability to get vertical can make or break your success on the court. The Rip Rebounder can help increase your jumping power, while the unbalanced load simulates being pushed and shoved when going up for a rebound, jump shot or dunk. For an increased metabolic challenge, see how many reps you can complete in 30 to 45 seconds.

Sets/Reps: 2-3x10-15 each side


TRX Rip Rebounder

Rip Skater

Ballers need the ability to decelerate and change direction quickly. These skills make you elusive on offense and enable you to provide blanket-like coverage on defense. The Rip Skater improves your change-of-direction quickness while also reinforcing your body against injuries like ankle sprains. The move also requires core strength, so keep those abs engaged throughout. For an increased challenge, extend your arms away from your chest.

Sets/Reps: 2-3x10-15 each side


TRX Rip Skater

Pete Holman
- Pete Holman is a physical therapist, certified strength and conditioning specialist and former U.S. National Taekwondo champion. As the Director of Rip Training at TRX,...
Pete Holman
- Pete Holman is a physical therapist, certified strength and conditioning specialist and former U.S. National Taekwondo champion. As the Director of Rip Training at TRX,...
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