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SAFE Is Fast: Excellent Free Resource For Young Racecar Drivers

December 14, 2012 | Daryle W. Hier

SAFE is Fast

SAFE is Fast is a great resource for young, up-and-coming racecar drivers to develop their skills without the usual costs. SAFE is Fast is a first-rate website that can help improve your position in the motorsports world through expert training advice. It provides aspiring racecar drivers with the best information the sport has to offer at no cost.

With funding from the FIA (International Automobile Federation), the Road Racing Drivers Club established—where SAFE is an acronym for "Skilled, Assured, Fit and Empowered"—to improve motorsports and promote safety. The online resource gives veteran drivers the chance to help develop young drivers.

This resource will likely reach the large motorsports fan base, as it is the second most popular sport in the world—second only to soccer—and the second most popular sport in America—second only to football (source: AutoGuide.) However, funding requirements make the sport difficult to enter for many aspiring drivers. SAFE is Fast helps remedy that problem.

The site offers free business advice from some of the best in the sport, experts like California's Townsend Bell, who, besides being an excellent open wheel driver, has an excellent grasp of sponsorships. It also has a treasure-trove of information on driver training and fitness, including videos of top Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists informing young drivers about the importance of neck and core training. Workouts from championship drivers like Kasey Kahne (NASCAR), Josef Newgarden, Scott Dixon and Dario Franchitti (from IndyCar) are highlighted. Racecar drivers don't don't need to bulk up; instead, they should focus on cardio, neck strength, heat tolerance and flexibility.

SAFE is Fast also offers nutrition advice. Like other athletes, drivers need to focus on a healthy diet (learn how to eat healthy.) Young drivers will definitely benefit from the site's performance enhancing nutrition information. Finally, the site provides advice on mental training. Having an athlete mindset is key to success.

Head to the website, and check it out yourself!


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