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How to Lose Arm Fat Fast

January 14, 2013 | Branson Lee

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Nothing screams "fit body" more than highly defined arms. Unfortunately, they don't come easily. To get definition, you have to lose arm fat muscles. Arm fat is a common problem even among athletes, especially women, who have a greater tendency to store excess fat under their upper arms. How do you tone that trouble area? Keep these quick tips in mind, and you should have no trouble quickly losing arm fat.

Perform Full-Body Workouts

The first thing you should be doing to lose arm fat is performing full-body workouts. Fat is a full-body issue. You can't pick and choose where you're going to lose it. You lose fat from all areas over time. To do so, you need a full-body workout program, engaging many muscle groups at the same time, to burn calories and raise your metabolic rate.

As you lose body fat, you'll start to see your arms getting that firm look you desire. Research shows that women lost up to 31% more arm fat using full-body workouts. (Read more about this study here.[1])

Get started with these great workouts: Full Body Workout to Blast Away Holiday Weight Gain and Build Muscle; and The Ultimate Full-Body Workout in Just Four Physioball Exercises.

Superset Arm Exercises

The second thing you can do to lose arm fat is to superset arm building exercises. (Check out Andre Ethier's Arm-Strengthening Superset.) These are great for raising your metabolic rate as well. Pair Bicep Curls with Triceps Extensions or Hammer Curls with Triceps Press Downs. The triceps make up the largest component of the arms, so you definitely want to work them. Firming them up, you'll notice a big difference in the overall appearance of your arms.


Get Your Diet In Line

The last thing you must do to lose arm fat is to get your diet in proper alignment[2]. More than anything else, eating well each and every day will determine the rate at which you shed excess body fat. If you're eating too many calories, you won't be able to lose fat from anywhere on your body. It just won't be possible. So make sure your diet is low in calories and replete with lean proteins, vegetables and healthy fats. Get started with the "Everything in Moderation" Diet Is Best for Athletes.

This is your sure-fire bet for success.


[1] B. C. Nindl, E. A. Harman, J. O. Marx, L. A. Gotshalk, P. N. Frykman, E. Lammi, C. Palmer, and W. J. Kraemer, "Regional body composition changes in women after 6 months of periodized physical training." Journal of Applied Physiology, vol. 88, no. 6, pp. 2251-9, Jun. 2000.

[2] W. Miller and A. Lindeman, "Diet composition, energy intake, and exercise in relation to body fat in men and women." American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1990.

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