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Prevent Shoulder Injuries With Stabilization Exercises

January 31, 2013 | Jamal Baptiste

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Stabilization exercises for the shoulder are commonly used in rehabilitation. However, you should perform them on a regular basis to protect your shoulders from injury.

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. Unfortunately, its large range of motion makes it susceptible to injury. Plus, the joint is often overused in sports like baseball, golf, swimming and tennis. Shoulder problems are among the most common ailments reported by athletes.

Shoulder stabilization exercises help protect the shoulder by strengthening the four rotator cuff muscles and all the other muscles that support the joint. They also help eliminate imbalances that may lead to weakness and contribute to overuse injuries over time.

In addition to working the shoulder, you also need to develop strength in the muscles that move your shoulder blades, which are essential for providing stability to the joint.

To protect your shoulders, start performing the exercises below during your warm-up. Not only will you build shoulder stabilizer strength, you will also prepare your body for a better workout.

Jamal Baptiste
- Jamal Baptiste is a strength and conditioning coach and licensed massage therapist. Baptiste has trained a wide variety of clientele, including actors, high school, collegiate...
Jamal Baptiste
- Jamal Baptiste is a strength and conditioning coach and licensed massage therapist. Baptiste has trained a wide variety of clientele, including actors, high school, collegiate...
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