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Why the 49ers Will Be the "Coolest" Team in Super Bowl XLVII

February 3, 2013 | Lee Gordon

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When the San Francisco 49ers take the field in New Orleans on Sunday, they will literally be the "coolest" team. Unbeknownst to most fans, they will be wearing CoreControl cooling gloves to keep their energy up and core temperature down.

Invented by Stanford doctors H. Craig Heller and Dennis Grahn, CoreControl gloves are designed to cool your core blood and help you get back on the field faster. After years of research and published studies, the two docs realized the performance and health benefits of cooling the body during intense activity.

CoreControl gloves are powered by Rapid Thermal eXchange (RTXTM), a cutting-edge technology developed for core body heat extraction. It is extremely efficient at extracting heat because it works with the body's natural thermoregulation system. This is especially important when the body is pushed to its max and needs to dissipate heat. CoreControl has been found to improve heat dissipation by 25 percent.

CoreControl can enhance performance and recovery for athletes focused on strength and endurance conditioning; those who work in hot environments; and those who have exerted maximum energy. "Subjectively, our players feel better and they have fresh legs," explains Golden State Warriors director of athletic performance JoHan Wang.

Beyond the performance benefits, the 49ers have had great success in keeping their players out of the emergency room, using CoreControl to "treat and prevent heat illness from cramps, to more serious issues like heat stroke," says the 49ers team doctor Dan Garza. "It has made a marked decrease in the number of IVs we have to place, which is a big deal for us. It's been a tremendous help not just in treating cramps, but preventing them as well."

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