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Complete TRX 3-Day Full-Body Workout

February 7, 2013 | Robert Pomazak

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You may have seen it at the gym or read about it here at use of the TRX Suspension Trainer is on the rise among athletes. TRX equipment was designed to keep U.S. Navy SEALS in shape while in the field. It is now found in most top college and professional team weight rooms. (Learn more about Suspension Training from TRX guru Chris Frankel.)

It is time to take a look at TRX Suspension Training and how you can use it in your workouts.

What is suspension training?

Suspension training is essentially bodyweight training that uses a set of straps anchored from a point, which allows you to manipulate your body weight through an array of strength, stability and range of motion exercises.

How difficult is suspension training?

The TRX Suspension Trainer is surprisingly easy to use. The ability to modify your body position by moving your hands or feet away from or closer to the anchor point allows users of all strength and skill levels to complete an appropriate and progressive training program.

TRX workouts are designed to be scalable for the user. Simply adjusting your body angle, or performing an exercise with one hand or leg, allows you to change the difficulty, making it a great tool for both beginner and advanced athletes.


What can I use the TRX Suspension Trainer for?

The TRX Suspension Trainer can be used for strength, cardiovascular, mobility and flexibility training. Most exercises performed are full-body, making them highly applicable to sports. Even isolation exercises, like a Biceps Curl, require the core to engage. Many professional strength and conditioning coaches use the TRX for both prehabilitative mobility training and rehabilitative programming. (See Antonio Brown's TRX workout.)

To get started with the TRX Suspension Trainer, try this three-day foolproof program.

Find more workouts in our TRX Exercise Library.

Robert Pomazak
- Robert Pomazak, MS, PES, SES, is a NASM-certified performance enhancement and speed specialist. He currently serves as strength and conditioning coordinator at Elk Grove High...
Robert Pomazak
- Robert Pomazak, MS, PES, SES, is a NASM-certified performance enhancement and speed specialist. He currently serves as strength and conditioning coordinator at Elk Grove High...
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