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True Nutrition: Possibly The Best Protein Supplement

February 9, 2013 | Chris Costa

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Remember when your training buddy told you to try a particular protein powder, claiming was the best tasting supplement he ever used. You purchase it and discovered it was the nastiest tasting thing you had ever put in your mouth.

There are thousands of protein supplements, variants, concentrations and flavors to choose from. So how do you know which one is best? More important, which one is best for you? (Determine individual needs with Protein and Your Diet.)

In my opinion True Nutrition is the best product on the market. True Nutrition gives each user the option to choose a pre-mixed supplement designed by the company's professional team or a customized mix that you create for yourself.

You can select from over 20 different types of protein, from cross-flow microfiltration whey protein to hemp protein powder. You can add complex carbohydrates, protease complexes, probiotics or vitamin and mineral complexes.

If  you are looking to test something for the first time, or hone your nutritional needs down to a science, True Nutrition provides you with the tools to make the ideal protein supplement.

I've used the stuff myself, and I can validate that it's the best tasting and highest quality protein supplement I have tried. No, I never worked for the company, nor do they sponsor me. I've been the same guy, trying out different options and realizing that most never seem to measure up to my standards. Give True Nutrition a try! I promise you won't be disappointed.


Chris Costa
- Chris Costa has participated in athletics as a coach, player and official for 22 years. He specializes in hockey training, both on and off the...
Chris Costa
- Chris Costa has participated in athletics as a coach, player and official for 22 years. He specializes in hockey training, both on and off the...
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