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Increase Football Speed, Part 2: 5-Minute Speed Rope Workout

February 18, 2013 | Tammy Kovaluk

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In Increase Football Speed, Part 1: Why Jumping Rope Is the Perfect Speed Workout, I explained how jumping rope can increase speed. In Part 2, I provide a five-minute jump rope routine that you can perform this off-season to increase your football speed.

The following football jump rope workout develops anaerobic endurance, speed, quickness, agility and power, while improving balance, coordination, rhythm, timing, and concentration. It also increases foot, ankle, leg and wrist strength—all critical performance attributes for football.

Before jumping into the workout below, make sure you have a solid foundation. Here is a series to prepare you for the five-minute speed rope workout.


Perform for two weeks. Emphasize technique, not speed or endurance.

  • Goal 1: Perform Bounce Jumps and A-Runs for 50 times each without a miss.
  • Goal 2: Alternate between Bounce Jumps and A-Runs.
  • Goal 3: Perform Forward-Straddle, Scissors and Skier's Jumps for 50 times each without a miss.
  • Goal 4: Increase your jump rope capacity by working up to 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 jumps without a miss. Mix jumps throughout set.
  • Goal 5: Develop your speed by working up to 140 revolutions per minute (RPM). Count the number of rope turns in 15 seconds and multiply that by 4 to get your RPM.

Remember to progress at your own pace and never overdo it. Too much jump rope too soon may cause shin splints, sore calves or a calf injury.

5-Minute Speed Rope Workout

Warm-up: 2-3 minutes of skipping and dynamic calf stretches

Main Set: Jump as fast and efficiently as possible with 10-15 seconds rest between exercises.

  • A-Run: 25 each leg (Learn how to perform the A-Run.)
  • Bounce Jump: 25
  • A-Run: 25 each leg
  • Double Unders: 25
  • A-Run: 25 each leg
  • Forward-Straddle: 25
  • A-Run: 25 each leg
  • Scissors: 25
  • A-Run: 25 each leg
  • Skier's Jump: 25
  • A-Run: 25 each leg

Adding this five-minute jump rope speed workout to your football off-season program twice per week is an effective and efficient way to get faster by improving your running mechanics and overall speed.

Photo: Exercise.com

Tammy Kovaluk
- Tammy Kovaluk is the owner of Kovaluk Sports Conditioning (Victoria, B.C.), where she specializes in athletic development for prospective athletes to "step out of the...
Tammy Kovaluk
- Tammy Kovaluk is the owner of Kovaluk Sports Conditioning (Victoria, B.C.), where she specializes in athletic development for prospective athletes to "step out of the...
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