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Learn an Easy Soccer Juggling Pick-Up Trick

February 18, 2013 | Jared Montz

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This soccer juggling trick is a great way to start juggling from the ground, improve your footwork and show off in front of your friends. You will not do this in a game. If you did, it'd be a handball.

I orginally made this video for Disney's YouTube channel, called Disney's Motion.

Soccer Juggling Pick-Up Trick Key Points

  • Place the ball about a foot away from your non-dominant foot. The ball should be in line with your ankle bone.
  • Your dominant soccer juggling foot should be behind you a little bit. You don't want it in the way when you roll the ball.
  • Roll the ball across to your foot with your hand. Don't push it at your foot.
  • Keep your plant foot firm in the ground. Do not move it. You want your foot hard like a rock when the ball hits it, not loose like Jello.
  • Relax and juggle when the ball pops up. Don't rush. If you do this right, the ball will pop up and you will have a second or two to get your juggling foot up and start juggling. Style counts!

How to Start

Start by practicing this move without the ball. Get used to how your body feels when doing it. Once you feel comfortable, make it happen with the ball. Repeat until you master it.

Common Juggling Mistakes

If the ball isn't popping up for you, you are moving your foot too early. Keep your foot planted firm on the ground. When the ball hits it, your foot will act like a rock and it will pop up. Also, make sure you are hitting the ankle bone area of your foot, not the toe area.

If the ball is rolling too fast, make sure you are not pushing the ball. Don't put your hand on the back of the ball and push it. Instead, put your hand on top the ball and roll it.

Bonus Tip

Be confident when you do this soccer juggling trick. Don't be surprised when it works for you. Have fun with it. It's a beginner level trick, but it's a fun one.

For a bonus trick, watch the video below. It's an advanced juggling pick-up trick.

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Jared Montz
- Jared Montz, a former pro soccer player and collegiate national champion, is the founder of CollegeRecruitingWebsite.com. His company works with competitive high school athletes in...
Jared Montz
- Jared Montz, a former pro soccer player and collegiate national champion, is the founder of CollegeRecruitingWebsite.com. His company works with competitive high school athletes in...
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