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Training for Mud Runs, Part 2: Strength Workout

February 27, 2013 | Rob DeCillis

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In my previous article, I discussed the need to set up a training schedule for your obstacle course race. In this segment, I explain how to create a total-body strength workout that will prepare you for the rigors of obstacles and mud.

Before you start, you need to consider the different athletic attributes you will need to complete the race, including jumping, climbing, running, changing direction, crawling and others. You have to train each of these attributes in order to successfully complete the course—hopefully in a short time.

For the two strength training days on the schedule, exercise selection is critical. It's important to perform lifts that engage several muscles and joints at the same time, to build maximum strength in the movements you will use on the course. Great exercises include Deadlifts, Squats, Overhead Presses, Rows and Olympic lifts.

Also, you should perform bodyweight exercises so you learn how to control your own weight and build your muscular endurance. These include Push-Ups, Pull-Ups, Dips, Inverted Rows and Burpees, as well as animal movements like Bear Crawls and Frog Hops.

Full-Body Strength Workout for Obstacle Course Race

This workout will build your strength, improve your conditioning and help you perform at your peak in your obstacle course race.

Dynamic Warm-Up

Animal Movements

Trap Bar Deadlift: 5x3 and Push-Ups: 5x20

Single-Arm DB Press: 3x3 and Pull-Ups: 3x8-10

Kettlebell Front Squats: 3x8

Inverted Rows: 3x12 and Hanging Knee Raises: 3x10

Perform the grouped compound and bodyweight exercises in superset fashion. This not only will increase your strength, but will elevate your heart rate to improve your conditioning.


Rob DeCillis
- Rob DeCillis got his start in the strength and conditioning world in 2006, when he had the opportunity to train an IFL heavyweight fighter. After...
Rob DeCillis
- Rob DeCillis got his start in the strength and conditioning world in 2006, when he had the opportunity to train an IFL heavyweight fighter. After...
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