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3 Pieces of Inexpensive, Effective Football Training Equipment

April 26, 2013 | Robert Pomazak

Battling Ropes

Most of us only dream about working out in state-of-the-art facilities like the pros who populate STACK training videos.

It's a bit of a letdown when we get back to the reality of our rundown gym. Most of us lack access to super expensive, state-of-the-art equipment. Usually we just have some old dumbbells and maybe a power rack.

Yet effective football training equipment can be inexpensive. In fact, many of our favorite pros use gear that is extremely cost-effective. Jump-start your own workouts and train like a pro with the following budget-friendly equipment.

Bands and Ropes

Rotational training exercises are the new rage, and for good reason. Rotational core strength is one of the most important facets of an athlete's off-season program. Unfortunately, battling ropes can be pricey and impractical for a young athlete. A comparable piece of football training equipment would be any type of covered elastic tubing or braided rope.

Bands and ropes can be used for a variety of exercises, but they're especially great for rotational core training. Bands allow you to feel resistance through an entire phase of the muscle contraction, while ropes can be used for all kinds of training.


Sample Rope Exercises

Water Buckets

Stabilization training should be a pillar of every off-season training routine. A solid foundation of core stability allows an athlete to progress safely through a periodized program.

To create a great stabilization training tool, fill a five- or 10-gallon paint bucket with water. Put the top back on; now you have a piece of football training equipment. It will give you a constantly shifting point of balance while enabling you to build strength and stability in every plane of motion.

As you gain strength, you can add rocks to increase the weight of the bucket.

Sample Exercises

 Tractor Tires

Power training is the key to creating an explosive and powerful burst. With a consistent power-training program, you can gain strength, speed and force production. New tractor tires can be pricy, but you can often find old ones for nothing. Try contacting your local auto repair garage. They might have discarded tires that they may be willing to give you or sell to you at a fair price. Once you get the tire, design a program that will allow you to effectively use it. From tire flips to presses, the tractor tire should be used on a daily basis.

Sample Exercises

Robert Pomazak
- Robert Pomazak, MS, PES, SES, is a NASM-certified performance enhancement and speed specialist. He currently serves as strength and conditioning coordinator at Elk Grove High...
Robert Pomazak
- Robert Pomazak, MS, PES, SES, is a NASM-certified performance enhancement and speed specialist. He currently serves as strength and conditioning coordinator at Elk Grove High...
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