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A Rookie's Guide to Combine Preparation

April 30, 2013 | Steve Green

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A combine is your first chance to prove yourself. Facing off against the top athletes in your area not only shows your talent and skills, it proves how dedicated you've been in your off-season training.

For rookie participants, your first combine can be a jittery, nerve-filled experience. The following tips will ensure that your combine is a success.


Football combine tests are relatively well known, but every athlete should check with the combine sponsor to learn which ones will be run. Practice those drills repeatedly. (See Master 6 Crucial Football Combine Drills.)

If the combine you are attending does not test your Bench Press but does require a 40-Yard Dash, spend your time practicing your dash and don't worry about unnecessary drills.

Know the Surface

There's a difference between running on natural grass and sport turf. By knowing the surface where the drills will be done, you will be able to bring appropriate shoes and practice beforehand.

Know How the Combine Runs

Look for a schedule of events that shows the order the combine tests. Get to the combine early and ask questions. The more that you know about the combine, the better chance you will have to be successful.

Get Competitive

Combines are a great way to test yourself against some of the top athletes in your area. Treating a combine with the same intensity as a game will better prepare you for the drills themselves as well as the upcoming season. (Learn how: Creating a Competitive Workout.)

Set Goals for Yourself

Combines are intended to gauge where an athlete is in his preparation. Set realistic goals and make an honest assessment of what you need to improve as the off-season continues. (See Reach Your Potential With Goal-Setting Techniques.)

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