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The Secret Behind Dwyane Wade's Slashing Drives

May 13, 2013

Dwyane Wade  made his name in the NBA by being incredibly explosive with the ball in his hands. Whether he's driving to the rim for one of his epic high-flying finishes or penetrating the defense to dish the ball to an open teammate at the perimeter, Dwyane is lethal when he puts the ball on the floor.

Dwyane's offensive speed and slashing ability are derived from his focus on single-leg strength and power. The running and jumping involved in basketball require a player to rapidly generate force into the ground by pushing off with one leg. Very rarely does a player push off with two legs at the same time.

Tim Grover, owner of ATTACK Athletics and Dwyane's off-season performance coach, has designed the perfect workout to develop single-leg power. “I want him to generate as much force as possible, not only from a single-leg jump, but also from a running standpoint,” Grover says. “Our workout is geared toward a lot of firing of the hamstrings and glutes, and by bringing the leg all the way back.”

The key component of Dwyane's workout is the Alternate Explosive Leg Press, which forces him to rapidly fire both legs as fast as possible for a specified period of time. Following a set, he told us, "Man, this burns like crazy, but I know it is great for my legs once I'm out there on the court."

Learn to slash like D-Wade the next time you go head-to-head with your opponent:

Alternate Explosive Leg Press

  • Assume position on Alternate Leg Press machine with knees bent at a 90-degree angle
  • In alternating fashion, explosively extend each leg completely, making sure to achieve a 90-degree knee bend with opposite leg
  • Continue in alternating fashion for target reps within specified duration

Sets/Reps: 3x15 each leg within 20 seconds rest

Coaching Point: Bring knee to minimum of a 90-degree angle on each rep

Josh Staph
- Josh Staph is the Senior Vice President, Content at STACK Media and joined the company shortly after it was founded in 2005. He graduated from...
Josh Staph
- Josh Staph is the Senior Vice President, Content at STACK Media and joined the company shortly after it was founded in 2005. He graduated from...
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