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Summer Mental Training Plan for Wrestling

June 17, 2013 | Meaghan McCarthy

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Wrestlers: there are some critical steps you need to take before relaxing into your summer routine.

Before the season becomes a distant memory, take some time to reflect on what happened. Meditating on the past season's accomplishments and/or let downs can help you figure out your summer training needs.

Begin by focusing on highlight moments

Create a list of all the important moments that made you successful. Remember that success goes beyond winning. Make certain to include small victories, like when you ran extra laps after practice.

Think of the season's biggest challenges

Write down what you did that helped you overcome those challenges. Think of what you could do better next time you're faced with an obstacle.

Imagine what you want to accomplish next season

Write down some loosely formulated goals for next season. Then think about what needs to be done during the off-season to accomplish them.

This is where you get down to the nitty-gritty of goal setting. (See Are Your Goals SMART enough?) Setting proper goals takes effort. Resolve to put in the effort to achieve your summer wrestling training goals. When you're within a month of beginning next season, take the time to set season goals. (Review How to Set Goals for a Successful Wrestling Season.)

Take a break

Once you have finished reflecting on all of these aspects, take a much-needed break. Have some fun. Every athlete is entitled to a break. Rest for the sake of your mind and body, which you've inevitably pushed to the max during the in-season.

That mental and physical break will help give you the motivation and energy for a successful summer training experience. (Now that you're mentally ready, prepare physically with STACK's Wrestling Summer Training Guide 2013.)

Meaghan McCarthy
- Meaghan McCarthy works with athletes of all ages, sports and skill levels as the owner and head mental performance consultant of M3 Sport Psych in...
Meaghan McCarthy
- Meaghan McCarthy works with athletes of all ages, sports and skill levels as the owner and head mental performance consultant of M3 Sport Psych in...
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