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Patrick Peterson's Yoga Workout

September 9, 2013 | Featured in the Back to School 2013 Issue

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Patrick Peterson uses yoga to increase his flexibility and balance. Try your hand at the cornerback's personal routine, created by instructor Kate Makaroff. Click through the slideshow for instructions on how to perform each move.

  1. Table Top Position
  2. Downward Facing Dog
  3. Walking Dog
  4. Forward Fold
  5. Reverse Swan Dive
  6. Plank
  7. Cobra
  8. Tree Pose (each side)
  9. Warrior 1 (each side)
  10. Upward Facing Dog
  11. Warrior 2
  12. Triangle Pose
  13. Reverse Warrior

Learn more here about why the All-Pro cornerback performs yoga and spends his off-season away from the gym.

Jordan Zirm
- Jordan Zirm is an Assistant Content Director for STACK Media. After earning his BS in Journalism from the University of Missouri, he spent time writing...
Jordan Zirm
- Jordan Zirm is an Assistant Content Director for STACK Media. After earning his BS in Journalism from the University of Missouri, he spent time writing...
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