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Fitness Fail Friday: Please Don’t Bench Press Like This Guy

February 28, 2014

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Each Friday, STACK brings you a video of an exercise gone horribly wrong. You may or may not learn something from it, but you will laugh very hard.

In a recent article, STACK Expert Rick Scarpulla addressed the common rookie mistake of bouncing the bar off the chest during a Bench Press. “This is almost a laughable mistake, and it will hurt,” he said. “There’s a good chance you may end up cracking your sternum or ribs if you bounce too hard.”

We can only imagine what he’d say about the guy in this week’s video.

When we discover a video titled “Worst Bench Press Ever” on YouTube, we’re on high alert from the moment we press play. He’s got his feet flat on the floor and a reasonable amount of weight on the bar. OK, he’s using straps for a Bench Press, that’s kind of weird. Looks like there’s a spotter behind him, that’s good. Still not sure how this is going to be the world’s worst…


He looks so silly that this whole video has to be a joke, right? A little Internet sleuthing has revealed that nope, our ample-bellied friend seems to make a habit of using the old tummy trampoline.

To amend Scarpulla's previous advice, never bounce the bar off your chest or your belly. EVEN IF YOU HAVE A BIG BELLY.

Except maybe if you’re training for this.

Dustin Brady
- Dustin Brady is the Web Manager at STACK Media and an avid runner. He received his bachelor's degree in communications from Pensacola Christian College in...
Dustin Brady
- Dustin Brady is the Web Manager at STACK Media and an avid runner. He received his bachelor's degree in communications from Pensacola Christian College in...
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