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Nestlé Teams With Olympians to Help Girl Scouts

When your goal is to inspire young girls to develop courage, confidence and character, who better to team with than the country's top female Olympic...

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Women's Track Workout: Increasing Speed in the Weight Room

Over the course of my career, I have had opportunities to work with some very talented female track athletes, including NCAA Championship Qualifie...

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Female Track Athletes: Prevent Hamstring Injuries With These Exercises

Nearly every athlete has been sidelined with an injury she didn't anticipate. For female track stars and long-distance runners, the unexpected inj...

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Med Ball Lifts With Georgia Track & Field

Too many runners fear that strength training will add bulk, making them slower. But according to Katrin Koch, University of Georgia Women's T&F stren...

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University of Tennessee Baton Exchange Tips

A seamless handoff can win the race, and, conversely, the slightest fumble can cost your team a place on the podium. Simply put, relay races are w...

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