10 Under-the-Rader NBA Rookies

Smoking Section 10 Rookies

(Photo via The Smoking Section)

The good people over at The Smoking Section have put together their list of ten NBA rookies they think we're all sleeping on this season. We all know the big name draft picks like Anthony Davis, Bradley Beal and Harrison Barnes; but lots of other rookies are contributing to their teams while getting much less press.

A guy like the Dallas Mavericks Jae Crowder is already quietly paying huge dividends, averaging almost nine points in barely 20 minutes per game. Before breaking the orbital bone in his cheek, Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tyler Zeller recently dropped 15 points and 7 rebounds on the Los Angeles Clippers.

Although many of the guys on the list will have to earn their playing time, they are an intriguing group to watch develop and (hopefully) flourish. Check out The Smoking Section's full rookie list, and be sure to bookmark them if you love sports or hip-hop.


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