15 Healthy Breakfast Options for Your Marathon Training

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morning run

We already know the importance of a healthy breakfast, but the morning meal is even more important for runners training for a marathon. Your body is basically in fasting mode during sleep, so you wake up low on energy and partially dehydrated. Skip breakfast and you deprive your body of what it needs to power you as you pound the pavement. (See 10 Basic Guidelines For Marathon Training.)

Still, if you're a beginner marathoner, it's difficult to decide exactly what a healthy breakfast should look like based  on your new activity level. Here are 15 options, suitable for a 2,000 calorie diet. Adapt your portion sizes to your specific calorie goals, and work with a sports dietitian to plan out your exact needs.

Kait Fortunato Kait Fortunato - Kait Fortunato is a registered dietitian at Rebecca Bitzer & Associates, a large and experienced nutrition practice in Maryland. She focuses on individualized nutritional recommendations...
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