20 Strength Coaches You Need to Follow on Instagram

Follow these coaches to fill your Instagram feed with quality fitness posts.

Instagram is a blessing and a curse when it comes to fitness. Some amazing strength coaches regularly post workout tips, cutting-edge exercises and other educational content that athletes and other coaches can benefit from. At the other end of the spectrum are  individuals who win tons of followers simply because they have a nice butt or huge biceps. Or they post ridiculous exercises that might appear impressive when in fact they're stupid and dangerous.

To help you navigate the murky depths of Instagram, I've highlighted 20 of my favorite strength coaches and researchers whom I personally follow on Instagram. These individuals consistently post helpful content that can expand your knowledge of strength and conditioning, and hopefully make you a better lifter who gets improved results.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are fantastic coaches out there whom I've yet to discover on Instagram. But I'm confident this list will give you a solid starting point for adding legit fitness pros to your Instagram feed.

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Ben Bruno

Bruno crushes the myth that strength training makes women bulky with regular videos featuring Kate Upton and other models lifting heavy weights.

Ben Boudro

Looking for time-efficient workout inspiration? Boudro creates quick routines that can get you fit fast.

Bret Contreras

The Glute Guy posts video highlights of his workouts, current research and everything you need to know to build strong and/or sculpted glutes.

Cressey Sports Performance Coaches

The coaches at Cressey Sports Performance post a plethora of educational content, whether it's Eric Cressey's 30 Days of Arm Care series or Tony Bonvechio's regular exercise tips and powerlifting inspiration videos.

Georges Dagher

Dagher will teach you to master all aspects of human movement to perfect your lifting technique and prevent injuries.

Joel Seedman

Seedman is among the best of the best in sharing innovative methods for improving your workout results and hacks for correcting common exercise form mistakes.

Jacob Wilson

The Muscle Professor regularly posts cutting-edge research on building muscle and burning fat.

John Rusin

Rusin prolifically posts educational and instructional content on how to intelligently build strength and muscle, and he frequently debunks common training myths.

Justin Ochoa

Ochoa's account features a solid dose of form tips and routines you can add to your workouts.

Kelly Starrett

Starrett posts invaluable videos on how to improve your mobility and flexibility.

Matt Ibrahim

Learn how to improve your hip hinge—which you probably need to do—with Ibrahim's tips, based on his Hip Hinge 101 workshop.

Mike Boyle

No Instagram list is complete without Mike Boyle, who posts instructional videos and insights into how he makes better athletes.

Mike Robertson

Robertson is one of the best coaches in the country for correcting weaknesses and activating the right muscles to avoid injury.

Todd Durkin

Durkin demos innovative exercises to help you get in shape fast, and he provides the motivation you need to crush your workouts.

Tony Gentilcore

Gentilcore's posts will improve your ability to pick up heavy things. The slogan for his new training facility is "Because Heavy Things Don't Lift Themselves."

Tim DiFrancesco

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Lakers get stronger and stay healthy.

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