3 Ways to Build Grip Strength for an Obstacle Course Race

Improve your grip strength with these three can't-miss exercises.

The first step in training for obstacle course racing (OCR) is to build up your grip strength. Each obstacle you face will work your grip to levels you have yet to even imagine in your wildest dreams. This means that grip strength is crucial, especially when you are penalized for failing an obstacle. This article will provide you with a few movements to boost your grip and allow you to set personal records on any race course you face.

1. Dead Hang

Dead Hang

This movement could be quite possibly the most important movement to an OCR racer routine. Regardless if you are doing American Ninja Warrior, Tough Mudder, Spartan Races or just working on your Pull-Ups, this move will help you reach new level of strength.

The move is quite simple: Grab a bar and hang from it. A great way to test your strength is at the end of your workout because you will be tired from other exercises and lifts. This will make you not only work your muscles, but your mental capacity for endurance as well. A great starter goal is 30 seconds. Build up to a minute and continue building your goal by 30 seconds every time you hit a new plateau.

2. Farmer's Walks

Yet another move that is simple in execution but will crush a ton of muscle in your body and prepare you for your race. For this exercise you just have to grab something heavy, either in both hands or just one hand at a time(this way is harder!) Once you grab your weight, stand up straight and walk a straight path until you can no longer hold your body in the correct posture. Like the Dead Hang build up your time under tension by 30 seconds each time you hit a new plateau. You can even increase the weights each time as well to intensify your challenge!

3. Plate Pinch

The last move is a bit different but still burns out your forearms and builds your grip strength. Grab two weight plates, place them together and pick them up just by your fingertips. Now all you have to do is hold on for dear life! You do not need to move; just let your fingertips and your grip do all the work. This move seems simple but will effectively light up your forearms like a Christmas tree! Add this to the end of your workout and go for one set to failure and watch as you begin to build your grip strength instantly!

With these three moves in your routine you will be able to not only complete an obstacle course race, but you will set personal records!