5 Advanced Workout Finishers to Burn Fat

STACK Expert John Papp challenges you with another five advanced workout finishers. Good luck!

You all loved my first 5 finishers to burn fat, and I'm sure they are working great, helping you shed those extra few pounds and get the most out of your workouts. In the first article, I asked you a simple question: how do you end your workouts? What you should have learned is that optimally you end each workout with a finisher—i.e., a short, intense burst of exercise to end things on a high note, send your body into overdrive and get the most out of your physiology by taking advantage of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). Essentially, your metabolism increases for a longer period of time after a workout when you end with a high intensity burst, instead of just strolling out of the gym after your last rep.

All of the following finishers are three-minute AMRAPs—i.e., As Many Rounds As Possible. This means you will complete a prescribed number of reps of each exercise, and when you finish the final exercise, you will start over and keep going until the time is up.

Now let's get to the fun stuff!

1. Medicine Ball Madness

Medicine Ball Madness


  • Medium weight medicine ball (10-14 pounds)

How To

  • Perform the following for three minutes.
  • 10 Overhead Medicine Ball Slams: Bring the ball overhead and throw it straight into the ground as hard as possible. Keep your back straight and squeeze your abs with each slam!
  • 5 Around the World Medicine Ball Slams per side: Instead of driving the ball down straight in front of you, lift the ball up, circle it behind your head and forcefully slam it down just outside of your shoulder, rotating your torso as you slam.
  • 1 Lateral Medicine Ball Toss: Grab the ball, assume a shoulder-width stance, rotate powerfully and toss the ball as far as you can to your side.
  • 1 Sprint: Run to the ball
  • Repeat the cycle again until the time is up

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2. Beach Body Finisher

Beach Body Finisher


  • 45-  35-  or 25-pound metal plate, depending on your strength.

How To

  • Set your timer to 3 minutes and go through the following circuit for as many rounds as possible.
  • X15 Plate Bent-Over Rows: Hinge at the hip, keep your back straight and row the plate to your chest.
  • X10 Plate Curls: Standing, grab your plate by its sides and curl it up and back down, being careful not to overextend backwards.
  • X8 Plate Overhead Press: Grab the plate and press it overhead, again keeping a neutral spine position.
  • 30-Yard per Side 1-Arm Plate Pinch Carry: Grab your plate with one hand at the top, pinch it with your finger and thumb and carry it 30 yards. Repeat with the opposite side.
  • Repeat

3. The Animal

The Animal


  • One dumbbell that you can press overhead relatively easily

How To

  • Perform as many rounds as possible for 3 minutes.
  • X4 per side 1-Arm Dumbbell Clean & Press: Place the dumbbell between your feet, which should be shoulder-width apart. Grab it and accelerate it up to shoulder level as quickly as possible, trying to keep it as close to your body as possible, like you are zipping up a coat. When it reaches shoulder height, quickly turn your elbow in toward your body and drop your butt down slightly to "catch" the weight. Keeping your elbow up and pointed straight ahead dip down again and press the weight overhead. Return to the ground in reverse.
  • X30 yards Bear Crawl: Keep your hips locked in place and try to squeeze your core to keep your back straight.
  • X30 yards Crab Walk: Those triceps will be burning!

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4. The Ladder

Ladder Push-Ups


  • None

How To

  • Work your way up the ladder and then back down. Good luck!
  • X10 Plyo Push-Up: Perform a normal Push-Up but explode up and bring your hands off the ground.
  • X20 Bodyweight Lunges: Keep your chest up and your back straight. Your shin should be perpendicular to the floor.
  • X30 Double Mountain Climbers: Assume a push-up position, jump both legs forward, tuck your knees to your chest and explode back into a push-up position.
  • X40 Bodyweight Squats: Chest up, back straight, make sure you hit parallel.
  • X50 Fake Jump Ropes: Pretend you have a jump rope in your hands and jump. Repeat 49 times.
  • Repeat in reverse order, ending with 10 Plyo Push-Ups

5. Fives



  • None

How To

  • Perform as many rounds as possible in three minutes.
  • X5 Hand Walkouts: Start standing up. Place your hands on the ground in front of you. Now walk them out into a push-up position and keep going until they are above your head. Walk them back in, keeping your back straight, and return to standing.
  • X5 Burpee 180 Jumps: Perform a standard Burpee, but when you jump up to finish the rep, turn 180 degrees so you end up facing the opposite way. Land with your knees straight ahead; don't allow them to cave in.
  • X5 Hip Heists (per side): In  push-up position, take your left hand off the ground and shoot your right leg underneath your body to the left, rotating your upper body as you go. Place your right foot on the other side of your left foot and make a table with your hips. Refer to the above video for a visual demonstration.

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