19 Pieces of Workout Advice That Should Die Immediately

To make your lifts safer and more effective, don't listen to these common but misguided coaching cues.

"Biceps are the key to big arms"

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When most of us imagine big arms, we immediately think of huge biceps.

However, if you truly want to get the type of "guns" that'll make your sleeves tight, you should actually be spending more time on your triceps than your biceps.

Quick anatomy lesson: your triceps consist of three heads, long, medial and lateral. The biceps consist of two heads, long and short. The word "ceps" comes from the latin "caput," which means head. Thus, a "tri-cep" is a muscle with three heads and a "bi-cep" is a muscle with two heads. The three heads of the triceps make up significantly more upper arm mass than the two heads of the biceps.

In fact, the triceps make up roughly two-thirds of the upper arm, which means no matter how big your biceps are, your arms will never reach their full size potential if you do not train your triceps.

The triceps are also significantly more important for athletic performance than the biceps.

Learn the most effective triceps exercises here.

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