Check out STACK's review of the ACUVUE OASYS contact lenses with HYDRACLEAR PLUS to find out if the contacts live up to their claims.

Most athletes spend hours researching every gear purchase, but one piece of "equipment" usually gets ignored, although it's used during every waking moment: contact lenses.

Next time you order contacts, consider the new ACUVUE OASYS with HYDRACLEAR PLUS lenses. Designed to hold up during the toughest conditions, they are ideal for athletes performing in treacherous weather. If your current contacts give you trouble during muddy games with pounding rain or dry, dusty baseball practices, the new OAYSYS contacts may be for you.

ACUVUE kindly allowed us to test their OASYS lenses, and Superstorm Sandy gave us the perfect opportunity to try them in high winds and slanting rain. We popped them in for a short run, and we're pleased to report that they substantiated all their claims. It really felt like we weren't wearing contacts at all. There was no slipping or dryness like we had come to expect with our old lenses.

HYDRACLEAR PLUS technology provides smoothness and wettability unlike any other contacts we've worn. Plus, the new lenses offer some of the best UV-A and UV-B protection on the market, blocking at least 90 percent of UV-A rays and 99 percent UV-B rays.

The contacts retail for $34 (on 1-800-CONTACTS), but ACUVUE offers a free trial pair to all new users (exam and fitting not included).

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock